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I use cookies to anonymously see who my general audience is over time.

Cookies & Privacy

The requirement of spammy cookie popup notices could have been so easily avoided by popularising the "Do Not Track (DNT)" flag in browsers...

But alas, I'm in a country where every website must instead launch a huge cookie policy notice that visitors will blindly accept because WHO HAS TIME to read it all!

Anyway, here's how I and potentially third parties use your cookies while enabled.

This website, alongside 0.001% of the internet, respects your Do Not Track flag, so if you have Do Not Track enabled, cookies were disabled from the moment you got here.

Summary of tracking on this website


  • Google Analytics

Tracks user behaviour across the website. This is anonymized, so you're safe Jane, I don't know who you are.

Imagine if your name was actually Jane... I would have had you for a moment there 😉

Google achieves this by using cookies on your browser that follow you from website to website. I only get to see data that's generated when you're on my website (, so I have no idea you were browsing Facebook for 7 hours earlier.

Disabling cookies

You can completely disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser (see your browser Help for how you do this). HOWEVER disabling cookies will affect and disable the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit.

You can also change the "Privacy Tracking Mode" on your browser. Unfortunately, this wasn't standardized before cookie policy laws came in, so not every tracker or website respects this setting.

The good news is, this website does respect your Privacy Tracking Mode, also known as the "Do Not Track" flag.

Lastly, you can opt out of cookie tracking with the cookie notices around this website. This is backwards however... to know if you requested to disable cookie tracking, we actually HAVE to SET a cookie that says as such! Seriously, there's no other reasonable way to achieve this.

Privacy Policy

We're no longer just talking about cookies.

This website doesn't record personally identifying information, except if:

  • You submit a form

At this point, you choose what information you share. When you submit a form, you imply that it's okay for to store your personal information and respond to you.

If this changes, please send a followup submission on the contact page requesting your personal information to be deleted from storage.

Your personal information may be stored by a third party. Your personal information will not knowingly be used by the third party for anything but storage. In the event we discover misuse of personal information by a third party, we will do our best to notify you and request the third party undo their behaviour.

By submitting personal information on any form on you hereby grant that is not liable if a third party wrongfully processes your personal information.

However, has your back and will support you in every way reasonably possible in such an event.

Furthermore, tracking by third parties (Google Analytics) may process your personal information by grouping your browsing activity with cookies or other technologies. This is beyond the control of and as such you agree cannot be liable.

Other information collected

The contact form is timestamped from start to end, showing when a visitor submitted the form and how long they took filling it out.

Is this page missing something important to you? Niggling question on your mind?

If you have any questions of thoughts, please feel welcome to get in touch. 👋