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"Matthew Spence, a practitioner of both photography and web design. He explores the freedoms of social media, and shares moments of his adventures on Instagram."

I was born in 1999, in what used to be a small town near Exeter. Looking out the kitchen window, as kids do, I used to dream of exploring what was beyond East Hill in the far off distance. You begin to imagine what adventures could possibly be waiting around the corner, and not until the last decade have I had the freedom to find out; consequently sharing some of the remotest spots of the UK.

Now a guy balancing a full-time job in Newton Abbot, who knows what's next...

Something really good I hope.

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Seizing Today - The new network tool for both Brands and Creators alike

Posted | Matthew Spence

I should be authentic: this is kind of an ad!

And it's about time I mentioned it! Seizing Today is a start-up platform that I'm helping to back, and we'd all love your support too. Seizing Today is, to the quote the website:

"a network born from helping talented creatives build their passions, enabling brands to receive affordable and high quality content".

Each member of the team has in the past helped businesses grow via social media, and we have quickly recognised the difficulties of finding new brands to work with from a creator's point-of-view. Seizing Today is a network we're building to help ease-off the pressure, by becoming the middle-man and agent for both creators and brands.

Please go and take a look at our website, where you can find out more about our network, and see how to join today.

Visit Seizing Today


Posted | Matthew Spence

After enjoying a rare spring-ish week off, I invite you to guess what the brand items are in these shots, from our brief Brand shoot in Cornwall! w/ @willlamerton and @oliviajtucker 

Both shots taken by Will Lamerton, worth giving him a follow!

Life Step: Hunting for a house

Posted | Matthew Spence

I'm typing this post, whilst on a loud and choppy train ride back to Exeter. Kinda surprised this thing actually moves!

*pats the train respectfully*

*train grinds*

*conductor raises her eyebrows*

Today I've been scouting out my new potential hometown; Torquay. This is a huge deal, this place will become my life. I'll be honest with you, I've been here before, but we can't count a heavy night out! No matter how good the bars. I've been advised that I should carefully look around, and get an idea of where the rough and tough streets are, so I can build up an idea of where I'd like to be. My next steps will be viewing some flats, but as you agree, it's helpful knowing where the Torquay mob are first!

Who names a place this...

This isn't to say I haven't already taken a look online, have you? Its so demotivating when you find a place and you think "mmm yes! I can see myself living here, enjoying a soda on the porch, gazing at the stunning view, Janine watering her potted cactus..." and yet it turns out 20 strangers have already viewed and placed an application on your home.

I mean, why even list it?

Really Zoopla and RightMove give you a nice indication of what you can expect to be see, and to be fair it has been kinda accurate so far.

Have you recently been looking for a house? Tell me your experience or @minty.matt

Here's just a few random pictures from this afternoon.