Winter London Wonderland

London was lumbering, hefty, whiffy.

I mean... I've never really been somewhere you can't see a tree, or a tiny bit of plant life. While stood on top of our Hotel's roof, even on tiptoes, you couldn't see a single hill in sight.

Admittedly this was mind-blowing for me, as I'm sure you country folk would understand. I felt so insignificant against the sheer volume of skyscrapers and people. 

We paced down different streets, pathways, stations, and everywhere you went you'd go with a crowd. Not many would like this feeling of no escape, or being surrounded by thousands of others, but I felt excited by the anonymity of it.

Exploring the local area after attending a photo walk by Will in Apple (Regent Street), we stumbled across a unique pub. The vibe there was buzzing, with a local band playing spontaneous jazz, and a whole mix of ages dancing to this beautiful and unpredictable music.

Without living in London, I'm never going to know how it feels truly to be a Londoner, but wow, I get it.