Seizing Today - The new network tool for both Brands and Creators alike

I should be authentic: this is kind of an ad!

And it's about time I mentioned it! Seizing Today is a start-up platform that I'm helping to back, and we'd all love your support too. Seizing Today is, to the quote the website:

"a network born from helping talented creatives build their passions, enabling brands to receive affordable and high quality content".

Each member of the team has in the past helped businesses grow via social media, and we have quickly recognised the difficulties of finding new brands to work with from a creator's point-of-view. Seizing Today is a network we're building to help ease-off the pressure, by becoming the middle-man and agent for both creators and brands.

Please go and take a look at our website, where you can find out more about our network, and see how to join today.

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